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Verify identity and secure connections with Buypass SSL certificate
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SSL Domain

from € 33  /year 
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Secure personal websites, blogs and server-to-server communication.
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SSL Business

from € 110  /year 
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Affordable choice for company web sites, e-commerce, and securing e-mail.
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SSL Evident

from € 211  /year 
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Get the green bar. Excellent choice for e-commerce and public services.
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Why order from Buypass?

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Buy SSL certificate from a trusted European CA. Fast, flexible and affordable, directly from our Norwegian Trust Center. We are a major provider of SSL certificates in the Norwegian market. Among our customers are the majority of public services in Norway. Build trust for your customers, trust Buypass - Your European SSL provider.

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For Eika Group, one of the leading banking constellations in Norway, it's all about safety and security for our customers. It is a great advantage that Buypass is a provider of SSL certificates with good management capabilities. When we can gather an almost unlimited number of domains and subdomains in one certificate it makes the job of managing and renewing across multiple services and websites a lot easier for us.

Thorbjørn Danielsen, Director IT Operations, Eika Group AS

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