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eSeal- & Enterprise certificate

Your company’s digital stamp

Legal digital signature on behalf of your company. Login, sign and encrypt. eSeal certificates cover digital trust cross borders in Europe.

This is Buypass Enterprise certificate

  • Signing and encryption of digital messages

    Signing and encryption of digital messages

    Digital delivery of sickness reports, electronic prescriptions, and messages to government agencies

  • Access for reporting

    Access for reporting

    Secure login for reporting to government services on behalf of a business

  • Digital signing of PDFs

    Digital signing of PDFs

    The signing of PDFs and other documents on behalf of a business

  1. feature-european

    Qualified Certificates for Electronic Seals in Europe

    Qualified Certificate of Electronic Seal (QC eSeal) is the European edition of our enterprise certificate. Certificates are issued according to the requirements specified by the eIDAS-regulation to work across borders in Europe.


Which enterprise certificate do you need?

  • Standard certificate

    Standard certificate

    4 500,- NOK ex VAT.

    Reporting, message exchange including EPJ, A-meldinger and other three-part systems. Delivered by email. Activation code by post. Valid 3 yrs.


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  • PDF signing certificate

    PDF signing certificate

    4 500,- NOK ex. VAT. 

    Digitally sign PDFs on behalf of a business. Buypass is approved by Adobe (AATL) for automatic verification. Delivered by post. Valid 3 yrs.


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  • Test-certificate


    2 250,- NOK ex. VAT.

    For internal testing purposes only. Type: Standard certificate. Delivered electronically, or provided on a smartcard upon request. Valid 3 yrs.


When you order...

  • Remember to select the certificate from the application

    Remember to select the certificate from the application

    All services require our standard certificate, with the exception of PDF signing for enterprise.

  • The right to sign in the Brønnøysund Register

    The right to sign in the Brønnøysund Register

    The order must be signed by a person registered with a role in the business at the Brønnøysund Register of Companies.

  • Delivered within 2-3 days

    Delivered within 2-3 days

    We check the order against the Brønnøysund Register and contact the contract signatory before the certificate is delivered.
    For faster delivery - use Buypass ID Manager.

Simple administration with Buypass ID Manager

Use Buypass ID Manager for faster 1-day delivery of enterprise certificates.

  • No postage time

  • Easy administration – Order, replace and block certificates on behalf of your business and/or customers


Do you want more info on our Enterprise certificates?

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