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Electronic ID

Your ID for lightning fast access

ID for employees with the need for frequent logins and digital signing with public and private services – all at the highest levels of security.

This is Electronic ID with e-signature

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    ID at the highest level of security

    A flexible solution to equip employees / users with electronic ID at level 4.

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    Easy administration

    Users order their own IDs, or via a partner. Buypass handles production, with delivery via the postal service. A joint invoice for the business can be generated if desired.

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    Login and sign in under three seconds

    Combining smart cards and 4-digit PIN codes provides secure, fast access to sensitive information and a legally binding e-signature.

How it works

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    Order directly or create a billing agreement

    Employees order individually. We can collect all orders into one invoice if desired.

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    Employees order via web

    Employees requiring Buypass ID order smart cards and card reader from our website.

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    Identify check via Posten

    Security Level 4 ID (PKI) requires an indentity check. This is done via Posten.

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Examples of industries and projects that use Electronic ID from Buypass

  1. Reporting and signing in Altinn

    Accounting and auditing companies can offer their employees a branded electronic ID for professional use through the Buypass Smart Card.

    For professional users [ME1] with frequent need for access and electronic signature, Buypass ID helps to streamline the workflow.

  2. Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ) and e-prescription signing

    Buypass delivers ID and digital signature solutions to primary health services (GPs, physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists, etc.).

    We have an agreement with a number of suppliers of Electronic Patient Journal Systems (EPJ), which offer ordering and management of Buypass ID as part of the solution.

  3. Electronic election administration

    Election Personnel use Buypass ID on smart cards at national and local elections for logging in to the Electronic Election Management System (EVA) and to sign the submission of local results.

Secure the workplace physically and digitally with one system

The Buypass Access solution combines business requirements for secure access with local smart card issuance and management. Employees use the same ID to login to local systems, to login and digitally sign with public services, and for physical access to the business premises.

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