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Buypass ID on smart card

Smart cards and card reader

Buypass smart cards can have different designs. All our smart cards have the same functionality - with the exception of Norsk Tipping player card which can only be used at Norsk Tipping, online or at a commissioner.

Smart card reader for USB connection can be used with all Buypass smart cards.

  1. left-image-smartard-buypasset

    Buypass ID on smart card

    NOK 989 (incl. VAT and distribution)

    Electronic ID with PKI. Valid for 3 years.

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    Effective from Sept 26th 2022, we are changing the prices of Buypass ID corresponding to the changes in the consumer price index

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  2. left-image-Spillerkort-hand

    Norsk Tipping player card


    Electronic ID without PKI. Valid for 8 years. Must be purchased from Norsk Tipping commissioner. Customer agreement  |  Become a customer

  1. kortleser_USB

    Smart card reader for USB

    NOK 165

    Our card reader lets you easily connect to a USB port on your PC/Mac. Item no: 80101

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