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Qualified eIDAS Certificates

Qualified Trust Services according to eIDAS and PSD2. Digital certificates valid cross borders in Europe.

Trusted eIDAS/EU Qualified Certificate

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    Protect website - Buypass SSL QWAC

    Qualified Website Authentication Certificate. High assurance SSL/TLS certificate defined in the eIDAS regulation. Issued by QTSPs only. High quality and confidence.


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    Corporate eSeal - Buypass QC eSeal

    Qualified Certificates for electronic seals valid cross borders in Europe - according to eIDAS.

    - Message exchange
    - Document signing

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    PSD2 Certificates

    Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) and
    Qualified Certificate for Seals (QSEAL) - for TPPs and PSPs.

    Satisfies eIDAS requirements for PSD2.  Read more & Order

We issue to the following countries

Norway - Sweden - Denmark - Iceland
Finland - Lithuania - Estonia - Latvia

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Nordic supplier of PSD2 certificates

Open Banking Europe list Buypass as the only supplier of PSD2 certificates located in the Nordic region. We are now in a position to contribute important security features to the FinTech services of the future. Read more


Qualified Certificates for eSeal

eSeal can be seen as the digital version of a traditional company stamp. Typically applied to electronic documents to guarantee the origin and integrity of the document.

eSeal acquires a Qualified Certificate for eSeal (QC sSeal) - issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) - like Buypass.

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Working for a safer digital life

At Buypass we develop security solutions, including certificates that provide electronic identification, which in turn means we can trust digital services that cross national borders.

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    Qualified Trust Service Provider

    Electronic identification and Trust Services according to eIDAS must be issued by a Service Provider certified as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). Buypass is certified QTSP, eligable for issuing qualified certificates for the following eIDAS-regulated services:


    • Qualified Certificates for personal electronic ID
    • Qualified Certificates for eSeal (QC eSeal )
    • Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC)
  2. Part of the Cloud Signature Consortium

    Buypass is an Associate member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), a global network of experts in trust service technologies. We are building CSC-compliant solutions.


    The mission of the consortium is to build a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures for web and mobile applications.

    • Simplify and streamline the signing experience
    • Comply with electronic signature regulations (eIDAS)

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