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Buypass Code

Security, beyond the password

Two-factor authentication provides security even if an employee's password is compromised. With a unique code every time – the employer has control.

This is Buypass Code

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    Pay only for actual users

    No licenses. Fixed monthly price per active user.

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    Easy to get started

    Easy to integrate into your infrastructure. Easy to manage users. Users download the app from app store.

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    Delivered as a service

    Security is ensured with our ISO/ETSI certified infrastructure.

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Norwegian-produced two-factor authentication

Buypass Code is a Norwegian-produced two-factor authentication solution with its own app for mobile phone, tablet and PC. The solution is simple to implement and provides secure access to systems and data both in your own infrastructure and in the cloud. Everything is delivered as a service.

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Try free for 30 days

Test the solution for free for up to 30 days. After the trial period, you can continue to use the solution based on a favourable monthly fixed price per active user.

During the trial, your users can even download the Buypass Code app for free to their mobile phone. Administration of users is easily managed through the Buypass Code Manager.

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Fill in this form or get in touch at support@buypass.com

You can choose between OpenID Connect (typically for cloud based applications such as Office 365 and SalesForce), or RADIUS which is more suitable when deploying 2FA on the network layer such as VPN services or older legacy systems.

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