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Operational messages

SEID 2.0 becomes the new standard for using PKI and Digital Certificates from June 1st, 2022. Read more about this on Buypass Dokumentsenter.


Update 10.03.2023 12:50 PM: The issue with incoming calls are resolved. Customer support can now be reached by phone.

We are currently experiencing problems with incoming calls to customer support. Our service provider is working on resolving the issue. Please contact us on e-mail or our contact form.


Google is making changes to Chrome and Chromium that will affect the use of Buypass smart cards in online services. We have made upgrades in Buypass Javafree. For more information go to Buypass Dokumentsenter.

According to Google, this happens in version Canary 102 on the 24.05.22. Scheduled releases of Microsoft Edge are a few days behind Chrome. To be ahead, Buypass smart card customers will from 02.05.22 be forced to upgrade the Buypass Javafree version to support new functionality in Chrome/Chromium.

For downloading a new version of Buypass Javafree, there are requirements for administrator rights. Organizations where employees and end users do not have administrator rights on their own PC/MAC must then have a new version distributed by a system administrator.

Buypass Javafree for Win, Mac and terminal server is available here: Install Javafree.