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id and authentication

ID & authentication; safe, easy & flexible

Let Buypass be your trust anchor. Our ID and authentication services combine user friendliness and compliance with relevant security standards.

ID and authentication services

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    Registration of new users

    Registering and verifying user IDs through the use of standardised interfaces and certified methods and processes.

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    eID and authentication

    Authenticating users via modern and industry-standard interfaces on a wide range of ID mechanism, such as mobile phones, smart cards, biometrics and FIDO2.

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    Lifecycle management

    Facilitating a high degree of flexibility through self-service and remote user administration. Authoritative sources are monitored by Buypass for any changes.

ID and authentication methods

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    PKI on Smart Card (Buypass Access)

    Buypass’ recognised PKI solution, delivered on smart cards at the highest security level. Our smart cards can be combined with other ID methods and physical access. Also suitable for offline use.
    More about PKI on smart cards

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    Next generation ID solution with integrated support for the majority of operating systems and mobile units. Easy implementation and use combined with Buypass as a trust anchor results in eID at high level of security. More about FIDO2

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    Mobile 2FA (Buypass Code)

    2-factor authentication for mobile phones and PCs. The service is supplied with its own mobile app for users. Easy integration in existing infrastructure. Excellent for increasing security when logging into websites and software, such as Office 365. More about 2-factor authentication on mobile phones

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    PKI for mobile phones

    Flexible, mobile-based PKI solution that combines traditional PKIs and mobile phones as ID carriers. A single solution that supports both 2FA and personal and employee ID authentication.

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    Biometric ID – “No hands ID”

    Buypass is working with Biofy to develop a new ID solution for special applications where use of current devices is challenging. Biometric ID is planned to be delivered at the highest security level.


Buypass ID and Authentication Services (BIAS)

We supply our ID services as part of a single platform that combines standardised modules, industry-standard interfaces, processes, and certifications to ensure that your organisation can satisfy requirements set by authorities, internal guidelines, and its users.


Standard or customised?

Our services build on a common concept that safeguards your users from enrolment to management. However, individual organisations and staff members often have different requirements and needs based on where and how they work, what they should or should not have access to, etc. Therefore, we provide both solutions that are based on pre-made layouts, and solutions customised to your specific organisation.

API and open standards

Regardless of whether you are using an “out of the box” solution or need something more customised, we use API and open standards to ensure that our solution integrates seamlessly with your services. This includes using standard protocols for synchronising data on users and authenticators (System for Cross-domain Identity Management – SCIM) and supporting the use of Open IDConnect to authenticate users.

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