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Digital signatures for companies and individuals

Adopt cloud-based digital signatures with Buypass as a trust anchor. Approved by Adobe and certified according to the eIDAS regulation. 


Safe and cloud-based

Buypass is responsible for issuing certificates, securely storing signing keys, and producing signatures. Any signed documents remain with their owner and are not exchanged with Buypass’ systems.

Our digital signature services

  • Digital signatures for enterprises

    Digital signatures for enterprises

    Based on the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) model.

    The signing keys generated for your enterprise are stored and only used in Buypass’ secured infrastructure. After using your signing certificates to sign an anonymous representation (hash) of what needs to be signed, Buypass will return the signature to your enterprise.

  • Digital signatures for individuals

    Digital signatures for individuals

    After receiving a secure authorisation from the user, Buypass will generate a one-time key that issues a signing certificate with a short validity period for signing an anonymous representation (hash) of the document or contents that need to be signed.

    Buypass does not handle document management, authentication or formatting internally. Instead, this happens in collaboration with one of our partners within digital signature services.

    This service is under development.

  • Digital signature validation

    Digital signature validation

    Service for validating digital signatures and ensuring their cryptographic integrity and validity, even after long-term storage.

    This service is extremely simple to use and returns a rich dataset with information on certificate chains, including their status, as well as the revocation status at the time of signing (CRL/OCSP), when this is possible.


  • Time stamp

    Time stamp

    A qualified time stamp that binds the signature to a defined time point.

    The time stamp can be used alone or in combination with other digital signature services for enterprises and individuals from Buypass.

    The service is under development and will adhere to the requirements set for us as a QTSP.

Nordic collaboration between Acertia, TietoEVRY og Buypass ensures secure signatures throughout Europe.

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Cloud Signature Consortium

Our solution builds on the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) model. CSC has established a best practices for data management, and is well adapted to the European framework for digital signing services.

Our adaptation makes integration and maintenance simple.

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Qualified certificate issuers

As a registered Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under the eIDAS regulation and a member of the Adobe Acrobat Trust List (AATL), Buypass is one of the few providers of both qualified and non-qualified digital certificates to both enterprises and individuals. This enables Buypass to supply digital signature services at various trust certification levels, which provides flexibility for and is often required by receivers of signed documents.


Buypass works together with several other providers of digital signature services to enable them to supply trustworthy signatures that can be adapted to different needs.


As Buypass’ own digital signature services do not handle documents or user interfaces, a complete digital signature service will often be the result of a collaboration with one of our partners, which features Buypass’ service as an important component.

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