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News from Buypass

  1. human-rigths-shutterstock_186588959

    The Norwegian Transparency Act is high up on our agenda

    Buypass is covered by the Norwegian Transparency Act, which aims to promote companies’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions with their business partners as well as throughout their supply chains.

  2. Personal attendance no longer required for eID

    What used to take several days can now be completed in just a few minutes. Buypass introduces a new authentication method that allows you to scan passports with your mobile phone.

  3. CASC-logo-screendump

    Buypass join the CA Security Council (CASC)

    CASC is a non-profit alliance that works actively to ensure the security of the Internet through the use of digital certificates, especially in the TLS area. Earlier this year CASC invited European CAs to become members and after applying, Buypass has now been accepted as a member.

  4. Buypass is fully operational

    The corona pandemic is developing rapidly, and it is a challenging situation for all of us. We monitor the situation closely and comply with recommendations from the Institute of Public Health. We are today in full operation.

  5. Open Banking Europe launches QTSP Engagement Group

    Open Banking Europe (OBE) formalizes its QTSP Engagement Group, which started 9 months ago. Buypass, as one of 8 Qualified Trusted Service Providers (QTSP) in Europe, has been an active participant in the group since its inception.