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News from Buypass

Buypass join the CA Security Council (CASC)

CASC is a non-profit alliance that works actively to ensure the security of the Internet through the use of digital certificates, especially in the TLS area. Earlier this year CASC invited European CAs to become members and after applying, Buypass has now been accepted as a member.

- We are seeing an increasing tendency for fraud when using fake websites with simple SSL/TLS certificates. The use of SSL/TLS certificates with identity information could counteract this. Together with the other members, we want to contribute to influencing relevant actors with information and knowledge to ensure a safe digital day-to-day life for most people, says Mads Henriksveen, CA responsible for CA and eID in Buypass.

CA Security Council - SSL EV See how it work

CASC consists of leading CAs that issue SSL/TLS certificates and focus on the interests of end users and website owners.

- The CA Security Council is pleased that Buypass has chosen to accept its membership.

This means that we are now expanding the alliance with a leading CA that can give us a European perspective in areas that are important to website owners and Internet users in general, says Kirk Hall, Director Policy & Compliance SSL of Entrust Datacard.