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Buypass ID on smart card

Quick and secure; electronic ID and eSignature

With smart card and 4-digit PIN code, you login securly within seconds to public and private digitale services.

This is Buypass ID on smart card

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    Perfect for frequent logins to public services

    Your ID for quick, secure access and digital signing in Altinn and other online services that require extra security.

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    What it costs

    Smart card: NOK 989 incl VAT. 
    Valid for 3 years
    Card reader NOK 165 incl VAT


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    Used for a range of services

    ... among other things for prescriptions, core records, vaccines, tax statements, pensions, and applications for loans and school places.

Order or renew smart card

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    Buypass Smart Card

    NOK 989,- incl. VAT/delivery 

    Issued at the highest level of security (Nivå4 /PKI). Valid for 3 years. Delivered by Posten.

    Note! New customers need to bring passport. Delivery address must be a Norwegian private address.


    The ordering service supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

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    Renew | Additional card

    NOK 989,-  incl. VAT/delivery 

    Renew and order additional smart card at My Page. Can be renewed in the final two months before expiry. The card is valid for 3 years. Delivered by A-post.


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    Test purpose card

    NOK 300,-

    Buypass ID on smart card for testpurposes.


Get started

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    Order smart card and card reader

    Order and pay for Buypass ID on smart card here. You can also order a card reader if you need it.

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    Identity check at Posten

    Within 3-4 business days you can collect your smart card at Posten. Identity checks are conducted to ensure that only you receive your Buypass ID. Remember to bring passport. A letter with the PIN code will be sent to your mailbox.

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    Go to the service you want to login to

    Connect the card reader to you PC or Mac. Put in the smart card, and choose Buypass ID on smart card as the login option for the service you wish to access.

Do you want Buypass ID in Mobile?

Buypass ID is available on both smart cards and for mobile phones. You get access to the same services with either solution.

Go to Buypass ID in mobile


Do you want an employee agreement for smart cards?

Several professions with a frequent need to access public services and professional systems choose Buypass on Smart Card. We can create an agreement for your business.

Read more about Buypass Personal ID for Employees

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Do you want to know more about Buypass ID on Smart Card?

Fill in this form or get in touch at support@buypass.com