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Order smart card

Order Buypass smart card or read more about Buypass smart cards.

When ordering, you are asked to register some personal details about yourself. Once the order is recieved, you’ll get the smart card in a short period of time. A letter with PIN and PUK codes will be sent separately. If you have also ordered a smart card reader, it will be sent with the PIN and PUK codes.

The smart card must be collected from the post office or post-in-store as a personal delivery (PUM). Bring valid identification (passport) for collection. If you’ve previously had a smart card, it will be sent by registered post.

Read more about the Personlig utlevering mottakingsbevis (PUM) service at Bring.

Do you work in health care?

If you’re going to use the card at work in the healthcare system, contact your journal provider for help.