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Buypass for healthcare

Fast access to sensitive data

The key to solving the health sector's security needs and giving employees a workday where time is not used to log on to services, but to solve problems.

This is Buypass for Healthcare

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    All-in-one: Local network, secure zone, core record ++

    Clean up the jungle of passwords and login solutions. One solution can cover all needs, from local area networks to external services at security level High.

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    Secure access from the home office

    Buypass delivers a home office ID solution and secure messaging system within Norsk Helsenett (NHN).

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    Digital signatures and electronic messaging

    Public reporting and digital signatures in business systems and e-prescriptions – with employee ID and business certificates.

Digital and physical access in one system?

Buypass Access combines business needs for secure access in a solution with local smart card issuance and management. Employees use a single ID for local login, signing in to public services, and for physical access to the premises.


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