Secure electronic message exchange

Identification -  signing  - encryption

Health Trusts

Digital communication and interaction are given top priority by Norway's Health Trusts. Communication and work processes become more efficient without compromising the Health Trusts' requirements for secure handling of patient sensitive data. Buypass means secure digital communications between hospitals and others involved in treating patients. New services will also allow patients to communicate digitally with hospitals and access to their own medical records more easily.

The Norwegian health sector's national messaging project aims to enable all messages between Health Trusts, doctors’ surgeries and The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration to be sent electronically. Buypass is a key supplier to this project, providing Health Trusts with a future-proof digital communication system that meets national targets.

The Buypass solution provides health trust users with secure and flexible access to their work places and professional systems. A Buypass Smartcard with electronic ID also allows hospital users to move from room to room without logging on to new workstations. Smartcards can be used for visual identification and access control and secure network log on as well as electronic signatures and data encryption.  

  • Employee Card - Buypass Smartcard for efficient employee identification
  • Enterprise certificate identifies the company
  • Secure log on to local networks and VPN solutions
  • Supports terminal server solutions and single sign-on
  • Signing and encryption in EMR systems for secure exchange of medical certificates, sick-leave certificates, electronic prescriptions, case summaries, referrals etc.
  • Employees can use their Smartcards to  log on and sign for public services
  • Meets all requirements for qualified certificates and requirements specified in information security standards in the health sector


  • Buypass supplies electronic ID solutions to Akershus University Hospital, St. Olav's Hospital and The Oslo Emergency Medical Service
  • All Norwegian pharmacies use Buypass enterprise certificates to exchange e-prescriptions
  • 95% of the primary healthcare service uses our ID and e-signature solutions 

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