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Order Buypass ID for smart card and mobile for test purposes

Buypass ID (Person ID) on smart cards for test purposes can be used internally in own applications, and with 3rd parties who accept such test certificates. Test version of Buypass ID in mobile can also be included in your order.

Test cards are delivered with the same functionality as standard smart cards, but are issued under a separate test CA. Test certificates are not accepted in systems and solutions that accept sharp certificates.

Read more about the new certificate profile SEID 2.0 here, and about why it is important to adapt to the new standard for PKI and digital certificates now.


Test card - Buypass ID on smart card | NOK 300 / each
Smart Card Reader (USB) | NOK 132 / each
Trial version Buypass ID in mobile | NOK 100 / each

Shipping costs are added. All prices are excl. VAT.


Buypass ID on smart card is delivered as a business package on the door. Expected delivery time is 3-5 days.

Orderform Buypass ID for test purposes

Buypass ID on smart card for test

Specify the number of smart cards with SEID 1.0 and/or SEID 2.0 certificate profiles. We strongly recommend ordering both versions to ensure that internal and external applications handle both profiles.


Buypass ID in mobile for testing

These are PersonIDs based on centrally stored private keys. You authorize access to the keys by using a password / one-time code via SMS or Buypass ID mobile app. For testing, a password / one-time code on SMS must be used. Register the mobile number you want to use in the field «ADD ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION». We connect this to the test person (s).

From March 14th 2022, Buypass ID in mobile will only be delivered with SEID v2.0 certificate profile.

Check below if you also order test version of Buypass ID in mobile for the same person(s) who are set up with Buypass ID on smart card.


Information about person (s) to be associated to smart cards

Enter name and national identity number(s)/D-number(s) you want associated with the IDs in the smart card. NB! Must be fictitious and associated with TEST-FREG (The Tax Administration's TENOR test data service - requires authentication via the ID Port). Insert semicolon between FNR/DNR and the names if you order for several test persons. If you leave the fields blank, Buypass retrieves data from TEST-FREG when producing the IDs.

Delivery adress

Invoice information

Include invoice address here if other than the delivery address. Remember to enter an e-mail / ehf address if you want an electronic invoice.