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Wildcard TLS/SSL certificates

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure an unlimited number of subdomains at one level in the domain hierarchy. We offer organization validated (SSL Business) and domain validated (SSL Domain) certificates as wildcard.

Order additional domains

A wildcard certificate acts in the same way as a regular SSL certificate, but written in the form of the form *.mydomain.com. The certificate can be used to secure all subdomains of this certificate.

As an example; *.mydomaincom can secure the following range of domains:

  • www.mydomain.com
  • secure.mydomain.com
  • test.mydomain.com

When purchasing a Buypass SSL wildcard certificate, you can use it for future subdomains throughout the lifetime of the certificate - free of charge.

How to order Wildcard

The wildcard option is available in for SSL Domain and SSL Business. You select the wildcard option in the ordering process by adding the wildcard domain name. Domains added when generating a CSR , will automatically be added to your order.