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Multidomain TLS/SSL certificates

Do you want to secure multiple domains in a single SSL certificate? Choose a multidomain certificate. This is a certificate typically used in environment where there is a need or benefit in combining several domains in a single SSL certificate, e.g. Skype for Business (Lync) and Exchange. These certificates are commonly referred to as SAN or UC certificate.

Order multidomain certificate

Examples of domains in a Multidomain certificate

  • www.mydomain.com
  • mydomain.com
  • secure.mydomain.com

Typical Multidomains included in a Unified Communications (UC) environment

  • lync.mydomain.com
  • meet.mydomain.com
  • lyncdiscover.mydomain.com
  • dialin.mydomain.com

Flexible solution - can ensure an unlimited number of domains.

  • SSL Business and SSL Evident (EV) can be ordered with up to 100 main domains in the same certificate.
  • SSL Domain is limited to one main domain, but no limit on subdomains.
  • Any number of subdomains may be included in a certificate.

How to order Multidomain

In the ordering process, you choose a single certificate, and then add additional domains. This may also be done by using a CSR generated on your server. How to create CSR. A Multidomain certificate may contain any number of subdomains including Wildcard