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Secure multiple domains with one certificate

Do you want to secure multiple domains in a single SSL certificate? Choose a multidomain certificate. This is a certificate typically used in environment where there is a need or benefit in combining several domains in a single SSL certificate, e.g. Skype for Business (Lync) and Exchange. These certificates are commonly referred to as SAN or UC certificate. Flexible solution - which can ensure an unlimited number of domains - including wildcard.

Combine multiple domains and wildcard in the same certificate. You can easily enter wildcard domains in your Multidomain certificate (applicable to SSL Business SSL and SSL Domain). This gives great flexibility and facilitate deployment and maintenance of certificates in environments with a large number of domains.

SSL Business (OV) and SSL Evident (EV) can in principle be used for an infinite number of domains in the same certificate - however limited up to 100 main domains. SSL Domain (DV) is limited to one main domain, but can contain any number of domains.

All our SSL certificates meets important features for Skype for Business environment:

  • EKU (Enhanced Key Usage) contain Server Authentication
  • Contains CRL Distribution Point
  • Issued only with SHA256 as the hash algorithm
  • Requirements for RSA and at least 2048 bits key

Examples of domains in a Multidomain certificate:

  • www.example.com
  • example.com
  • secure.example.com

Typical multidomains included in a Unified Communications (UC) environment:

  • lync.example.com
  • meet.example.com
  • lyncdiscover.example.com
  • dialin.example.com


Start ordering by selecting the type of certificate. Register domains you want to secure (you can also do this when generating CSR).

Using the Buypass ID Manager administration tool, you can easily add or remove domains to an existing SSL certificate during the lifetime of the certificate. You will then receive a replacement certificate.