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Renew or replace your certificate

Renew certificate
If you already have a Buypass SSL certificate, the certificate can be renewed. This must be done during the last month before the certificate expires. When the time for renewal approaches, you will receive an email with notification of the expiration date on the existing certificate and information about renewal. Upon renewal, the remaining lifetime of the original certificate will be added to the renewed certificate.

Replace certificate
You can add or remove domains to an existing SSL certificate. You can do this using our administration tool Buypass ID Manager. The replacement certificate will have the same expiration date as the original certificate and you only pay for additional domains. Contact our Customer Support who will give you access to Buypass ID Manager (select "Access to Buypass ID Manager" as a category in the form).

How to renew your SSL certificate

  • Use the order number from your original order or from the notification email.
  • You can change to an SSL certificate with a higher trust level. For example, if you have an SSL Business certificate, you can upgrade it to an SSL Evident certificate.
  • The CSR you used last time can be reused, or you can generate CRS.
  • Domain names can be added or deleted.


SSL Evident (EV)SSL Business (OV)SSL Domain (DV)

from 216 €/year

from 135 €/year

from 72 €/year