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Buypass ID on Smart Card

Buypass ID on Smartcard is an personal electronic ID that allows easy and secure online identification and signature.

Buypass ID on smart card can be used at all public service providers that use "ID-porten" for identification. A number of other public and private organizations offer the use of Buypass ID for identification and electronic signature .

  • Secure user identification for easy access to self-service
  • Safe exchange and access to sensitive information (PKI)
  • Legally binding e-signatures and encryption with Buypass ID ensures paperless processes
  • Digitization, simplification and streamlining of administrative procedures and processes
  • Buypass ID can also be used for payment


Buypass Smart cards for employees

Buypass Smart cards can be supplied as an employee card, and is already the default choice for employees at several industries and professions.

Daily use
With Buypass Smart, a card reader and 4-digit PIN code, you can log in and sign in few seconds.

  1. Insert the card into the card reader
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN

You can change your PIN code at any time. You'll find this functionality in Buypass minibank.

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