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Posten - Activation code delivery (PUM)

All new customers at Buypass must carry out an identification check when establishing a new customer relationship. This is due to requirements Buypass is subject to in connection with the issuance of Level High electronic ID.

When you receive a delivery from Buypass sent by Posten's PUM service, this requires an identification check at the post office before the delivery can be collected. There is no alternative way to perform the identification check, so the shipment can only be delivered if Norway Post approves the identification check.

To perform the identification check, you need the following:

  • Valid identification: Passport
  • For foreign passports you also need documents issued by a public instance such as population register or tax office containing birth number / D number.

What do I do if Norway Post rejects the identification check?

Buypass is not permitted to bypass an identification check and therefore cannot allow an alternative delivery. Based on experience with issues relating to scanning credentials, Buypass has the following advice for postal employees to perform the credential check:

  • Make sure the scanner surface is washed and clean
  • The identification document must be free of dirt. Worn documents can be difficult to interpret for scanner.
  • When scanning a passport, keep the document completely still. A slight movement during the scanning process can cause the scanner to restart and eventually stop scanning.

If there are still problems with scanning a document, the post office must contact its support for assistance. Buypass is not able to influence this process as this is Posten's solution.

Can I get my money back?

If you are not able to perform the identification check, you can contact Buypass at kundeservice@buypass.no and request a refund. Please refer to the order number you were given when ordering and the tracking number for the letter you are trying to retrieve at the post office.