Buypass ID in mobile

Adopt Buypass ID in Mobile for access to public services

Check your tax return on, get an overview of prescriptions, sign student loan and much more - with your mobile!

Buypass ID in mobile

Now you can adopt Buypass ID in mobile to login and sign electronic documents at public services. In the same way as Buypass ID on Smartcard, Buypass ID in mobile gives you access to public services in "ID-porten" at all security levels, including access to health information, tax returns and other sensitive data.

Buypass ID in mobile can be downloaded as a separate mobile app, using a personal 4-digit PIN code for identification, or used with password and one-time code by SMS. The solution is simple to use and independent of which SIM card, bank or mobile operator you relates to.

You are just a few clicks away from adopting Buypass ID in mobile. When logging on to a public service in "ID-porten", select Buypass ID to log in. Buypass ID is clarified for use as a part of the log in process first time you use it. Try it!

Buypass ID in mobile is available as mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Additional benefits using Buypass ID app:
You can manage your customer relationship with Buypass:

  • Change the account and credit card details
  • Change PIN code or create a new if forgotten
  • Change mobile number
  • Keep track of receipts and payments on your accounts with Buypass, incl. Norsk Tipping Player Account
  • Transfer money between bank accounts and Buypass Account, incl. Player Account



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