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Qualified Electronic Seal (QES)

The use of Qualified Electronic Seal (QES) is more frequently set as an requirement  for services that accept digitally signed PDFs on behalf of a business or organisation. The EPREL database is one of the first EU based services that require eSeal or signature at QES-level. Buypass is a certified provider of the solution you need to fulfill these requirements.

Create your Qualified Electronic Seal

Buypass supplies the necessary certificate on a USB-based device (QSCD).

Delivered by post. Valid for 3 years.
Price NOK 25,000.-.

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The European Commission is a driving force for businesses to adopt to new trust services that increase security for users of public services. When sender has sealed/signed a PDF with a Qualified Electronic Seal, the recipient can verify the source of information at the highest level of trust. The seal authenticate the business and is standardised across Europe.

EPREL database first

European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL) is one of the first services where the requirement for a qualified electronic seal takes effect. All suppliers of energy-related products in Europe must use a Qualified Electronic Seal to sign a self-declaration form in order to obtain status as a verified supplier in the EPREL database. This applies to approximately 8,000 businesses in Europe. Read more about our solution for EPREL.

What do I  need to create a Qualified Electronic Seal on PDF documents?

A Qualified eSeal is the highest level of signature/sealing of a PDF document on behalf of a business. This requires:

  • Qualified certificate for electronic seal issued to your business (QC eSeal)
  • Certificate and cryptographic keys must be stored on a certified hardware device, (QSCD)

Both are required in order to produce a valid signature with qualified seals, and both the certificate and the QSCD must origin from the same qualified provider.

Multiple areas of use

The QSCD device is used on a regular PC  together with a PDF application (Adobe Acrobat or similar) whenever a PDF document is to be signed on behalf of the organisation. Typical areas of use are signing of tender and agreements across EU countries. In general you can use it for signing contracts and other documents where electronic sealing is either required or desirable to obtain the same level of non repudiation and trust  as a physical signature set by a person with signature rights on behalf of the company. Any PDF- document can be sealed and provides an effective link to your business.