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Buypass Javafree solution

Buypass Javafree solution is offered by several Buypass Merchants and in services such as Buypass ATM and Min Side (My Page). Buypass Javafree will always be used instead of JAVA when:

  • a Buypass Merchant is configured to allow Javafree only
  • Buypass Javafree is downloaded and installed
  • a browser no longer supports JAVA

The installation program (.exe) is intended for personal users who are installing Buypass Javafree on a single PC. The installation program installs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 if it isn't installed on the PC already.

The installation program (.msi) is intended for system administrators to roll out Buypass Javafree as "silent install" for PCs in a network. Note! The installation will fail on PCs that do not have .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed.

For more information about Buypass Javafree, please see our Document Center.

Buypass Root Certificates (SSL)

  1. Buypass Root Certificates on mobile

    SMS: Send  SSL  to +47 417 16 009

    You will receive an SMS with the option to install Class 3 and / or Class 2 root certificates . Click on the INSTALL button in the selected root certificate and follow the instructions on the screen.

    WAP: Go to

    Click on the INSTALL button for the desired root certificate and follow the instructions on the screen.

CA Documentation (legal)

Remote Help

Do you have any problems you can't solve alone?  Our Helpdesk can help you by remote control your PC. Under remote control, you will constantly be in contact with a person by phone, so you can allow access and follow what is being done. Below are remote control program for Windows and Mac. For other operating systems, go to: Download and install the program on your PC.

Then contact our Helpdesk by calling +47 22 70 13 00.


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