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Netiquette - Safe Internet Use

Security and Privacy

1) ID-sense

An electronic ID on mobile on smart cards enables you to use public and private services offered online and in other channels. Electonic ID stored on mobile or smart cards is a secure solution for electronic identification and, if applicable, payment.

See applications for electronic ID.


  • Read the terms and conditions you have received.
  • Cards, mobile and PIN codes are personal and must be handled securely so that they do not get into the hands of unauthorised persons.
  • Always hide entry of PIN codes
  • Never provide PIN codes to others, not even to a bank, police, etc.
  • PIN codes should be memorised and must never be stored with cards, on your phone, or written down.
  • If you lose a card with electronic ID, suspect that someone has access to the card or PIN code, please report immediately to our blocking service at www.buypass.no to block the use of your electronic ID.

2) Antivirus

An antivirus program attempts to identify, counteract and remove computer viruses and similar malicious software (so-called malware). Such malicious software can pose a significant problem for you and your computer. Be sure to install antivirus software and keep it updated. Antivirus software can be purchased from a software vendor. There are also free versions available.

3) Update regularly

The operating system (for example Windows) and other programs (for example Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, etc.) must be updated regularly so that the latest security updates can be installed. If not, knowledgeable people with malicious intentions can find weaknesses to penetrate and gain access. When software vendors become aware of vulnerabilities in their products, they usually make security updates to resolve the issue. Be sure to install all relevant security updates on your computer as soon as possible so that you are protected. Security updates can often be automated through menu options in individual applications or in the operating system. Overview and download options can be found on the individual suppliers websites.

4) Privacy

Buypass treats all personal information confidentially and complies with the privacy requirements in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“Personal Information Act”) and its corresponding regulations.

Buypass has its own Privacy Ombudsman (PVO). Their role is to:

  • Assist Buypass with advice and guidance in the processing of personal data, and indicate any breach of the regulations if this is detected.

  • Assist the Norwegian Data Protection Authority in their contact with Buypass.

  • Assist individuals who have personal data registered with Buypass to safeguard their rights.

The Buypass Privacy Ombudsman can be contacted by email at: personvernombud@buypass.no