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Card reader drivers

Here you will find drivers for the types of card readers that Buypass delivers. These are drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Typewriter for your card reader is located on the back of the card reader. Card reader PC USB TR, PC Twin USB and IDBridge CT30 use the PC USB TR Buypass driver.

More information about card readers and drivers can be found on manufacturers' websites: www.hidglobal.com and www.gemalto.com.

Choose driver to your card reader:

  1. PC USB TR Buypass

    PC USB TR Buypass, PC Twin USB, IDBridge CT30

    Download driver - 32 bit

    Download driver - 64 bit

  2. CardMan_ExpressCard54

    CardMan ExpressCard54

    Download driver

  3. CardMan3x21.jpeg
  4. CardMan4040 PCMCIA.jpeg-1

    CardMan4040 PCMCIA

    Download driver