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Multidomain or wildcard certificate

Multidomain certificates imply that a single certificate contains several domain names. A multidomain certificate can be used for servers handling services for multiple domain names. This simplifies certificate management and you pay less.

Wildcard certificates allow you to secure an unlimited number of subdomains at one level in the domain hierarchy.

For advanced use, we offer the possibility of combining multiple domains and wildcard within the same certificate.


You may include your domain names in the CSR: include one or more domain names when generating your CSR.

Keep in mind that the wildcard will only cover subdomain names on that specific domain level. Therefore, the wildcard *.yourdomain.com will not cover the subdomain on the fourth level, such as sub.sub.yourdomain.com.

If you need to secure subdomains on different levels, you need to include one wildcard for every level.