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Reduced lifetime for domain validation

Domain validation reuse period is reduced for TLS/SSL certificates from October 1st 2021

From October 1st 2021, the domain validation reuse period will be reduced from 825 days (27 months) to 398 days (13 months). Certificates issued after October 1st can reuse domain validations performed up to 398 days earlier, but not older.

It is the CA / Browser Forum that defines industry standards for the issuance and administration of TLS / SSL certificates and in April 2021 the forum decided that the maximum reuse period of domain validations should be reduced from 825 days to 398 days with effect from October 1st 2021. This is a result of an ever stronger focus on security in the industry and contributes to a harmonization of reuse of domain validations for OV / DV certificates and EV certificates.

As an issuer of TLS / SSL certificates, Buypass follows these standards and we will therefore reduce the reuse period of domain validations when issuing TLS / SSL certificates from October 1st. This will lead to revalidation of domains having to be done more frequently than before. This will have an effect immediately after October 1st and many domain validations that would otherwise have been reused must now be done again. The change applies to domain validations for certificates issued after October 1st 2021. The certificate it self is not affected.