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Simpler certificate ordering with Buypass ID Manager

Buypass ID Manager is a web-based application that provides the business with a flexible tool for managing SSL and business certificates throughout their lifecycle, including ordering, renewal, and blocking of certificates.

Favourable for businesses that need more than one certificate. Instead of making your orders through our online store, you can easily order and manage your certificates in a web-based administration interface. This also gives you the opportunity to add new domains to our Multi-Domain SSL Certificates. Without ID Manager, Buypass Customer Service helps you with this when needed.

ID Manager can be used by both companies with the need to manage their own certificates and partners who manage certificates on behalf of their customers.


  • Web-based application
  • Simple ordering procedure
  • Good overview of your certificate portfolio and status
  • Easy management of roles associated with the issuing of certificates
  • Simple to renew
  • Easy to add new domains to SSL certificates that allow this – throughout the life of the certificate
  • Efficient processing through the use of Buypass Smart Card and digital signatures
  • Partner features – Order and manage certificates for your customers