Enterprise certificate for Europe

Order Enterprise Certificate for Europe for test purposes

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Buypass Enterprise Certificates for test purpose are issued with the same functionality as standard certificates, but issued from a test-CA. Test certificates will not automatically be trusted by systems and solutions that trust standard certificates.

  • Test certificates are issued in in our test environment 'Test4'.
  • Issuing CA certificate for test4 environment will be received together with the test certificate.
  • Root certificate for test4 environment can be downloaded from https://crt.test4.buypass.no/crt/BPClass3T4RotCA.cer.

NOK 2250,- ex. VAT. Valid for 3 years. 

Certificate is produced with the following content - unless otherwise specified:

Serialno: <Organisation number>
O (organisation): <Organisation name>
OU (organisation unit):
CN (common name): <Organisation name> TEST

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