Enterprise certificate for Europe

Order Enterprise Certificate for Europe for test purposes

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Buypass Enterprise Certificates for test purpose are issued with the same functionality as standard certificates, but issued from a test-CA. Test certificates will not automatically be trusted by systems and solutions that trust standard certificates.

Test certificates are issued in in our test environment 'Test4'.

The certificates ordered from this site are certificates referred to as ‘Business Certificates for Europe (SEID v2.0)’ and will replace ‘Business Certificates for Norway (SEID v1.0)’. As of May 3, 2021, the certificates will be issued with changed content and under a new CA.

Download Root Certificates for Test4 test environment.

NOK 2250,- ex. VAT. Valid for 3 years. 

Certificate is produced with the following content - unless otherwise specified:

OrganizationIdentifier: <Organisation number>
O (organisation): <Organisation name>
OU (organisation unit):  
CN (common name): <Organisation name> TEST

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Option: Generate the private key yourself

For test certificates based on your own private key, CSR must be included.