Buypass ID on smart card

Upgrade smart cards to the highest security level

Do you have a Buypass smart card that isn’t ready to use with services that require the highest level of security?

You can upgrade cards to use for logging in and signing with all online public services and with a number of private services.

Overview of merchants

Buypass Smartkort


Examples of upgradeable smart cards:

  • Norsk Tipping player card

  • Access cards, membership cards etc, that have a Buypass chip

Upgrade cost

Norsk Tipping player card *) Kr 589,-
Other Buypass smart card **) Kr 589,-

*)   Valid for 3 years (or up to the card’s remaining validity)
**)  Valid for 3 years from the date of upgrade 

All prices include MVA and distribution costs related to the identity check at Posten.


Upgrade your card as easy as 1-2-3

  1. left-image-number1

    Smart card in the card reader

    Place the smart card in the card reader, start the upgrade, and follow the instructions.

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  2. left-image-number2

    Identity check at Posten

    Within 3-4 business days you can collect an activation code at Posten. Identity checks are conducted to ensure that the code is delivered to the correct person.

  3. left-image-number3

    Ready to use

    Go to the service you wish to use. Choose Buypass ID on Smart Card to login.