Buypass ID in mobile

What does it mean to have eID at level 3 or 4?

You can use Buypass ID for Mobile (eID) to login to public services if you have security level 4. With security level 4 you have access to all services, including those that handle sensitive information.

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How to increase from level 3 to 4

  1. Go to the service you wish to login to
  2. Choose Buypass ID for Mobile, and follow the instructions. We will prepare your eID the first time you login.

If you have a new mobile phone, it must be reactivated the first time you log in.

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Level 4 – ready to use

If you have eID with security level 4, your Buypass ID for Mobile is ready to use. Simply go to the service you wish to login to.

Use your Buypass ID for mobile to access:

  • Altinn
  • Tax return (individuals)
  • Tax deduction card
  • NAV
  • E-prescriptions
  • Health information (including core journal)
  • Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
  • Admissions to school and university
  • Change of address notification
  • Digipost
  • Local government online services
  • Several thousand other public services via web, tablet and mobile phone

Activation code and identity check

In some cases it will be necessary to send you an activation code that you collect from Posten. You’ll be informed about this when you order or prepare your eID for the first time.