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Help Buypass ID in mobile

Activate Buypass ID in Mobile

Here’s how to activate Buypass ID in Mobile:

  1. Go to the service you wish to log in to (e.g: www.altinn.no, www.helsenorge.no, www.skatteetaten.no or another service)
  2. Choose Buypass ID > Buypass ID on mobile with password/SMS as log in method
  3. Enter your birth number (11 digits) and click "Continue"
  4. Enter the password you registered when ordering
  5. Enter the activation code from the letter and follow the instructions given

After activation, you can use Buypass ID in Mobile with a password and one-time-code received by SMS, or you can use Buypass ID in Mobile with the Buypass smartphone app (download Buypass ID from the App Store / Google Play)..

Contact Buypass customer services if you have any questions or need help.