Upgrade your Smart Card

Get access to services at all Buypass merchants now !

Buypass activate

With  Buypass activate TM   you can upgrade your smart card by downloading Buypass qualified ID (PKI) .

After the upgrade you can use the smart card at all Buypass merchants. Buypass Smart cards ordered through the Internet contains already a qualified ID.

To upgrade, you need a card reader. Some computers have built-in card reader as standard. If you do not have this you can order one in Buypass webshop .



Upgrade to electronic ID with Buypass qualified certificates
Norsk Tipping Spillerkort   *) NOK 589,00
Other Buypass Smart Card    **) NOK 589,00  


*)      Valid for up to 5 years (limited to the card's remaining lifetime).
**)     Valid for 3 years from the date the upgrade is made.

All prices include VAT and distribution costs.


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