The future of decentralized identity - an identity revolution or just another electronic identity?

We'd like to welcome you to the first ever EEMA Fireside briefing in central Oslo, where we will be discussing the growing trends, challenges and market opportunities with decentralized identity. We welcome you to Rebel Arena, May 18th.

There is a lot of buzz around decentralized identity, Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), and digital wallets. The EU announced in 2021 that a digital identity wallets for citizens will be established, leading industry analysts put high focus on this, and there are a lot of organizations working on this to stay ahead of the market and reap commercial benefits.

And as always, there are questions:

  • What is the rationale for this growing trend?
  • Do we agree with the terms?
  • Who are all the actors in the decentralized identity ecosystem?
  • How do we handle legal and regulatory issues?
  • Is there a sustainable business model?


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    The Fireside briefing is an informal meeting hosted by EEMA, the leading European Think Tank on e-identity and security, where we aim to have an open discussion on the topic after a brief introduction by the speakers.

Flow of the day:

Signicat and Buypass are hosts for this EEMA-briefing. Today`s moderator is John Erik Setsaas, EEMA board member and VP of Identity and Innovation at Signicat.

Our speakers

  • Mads Henriksveen, Trust Service Manager at Buypass, 
  • Jon Ølnes, Tribe lead Sign and Trust Services at Signicat
  • Snorre Lothar Von Gohren Edwin, Co Founder of Digital Identity Nordics & Diwala


13:00 Registration & coffee

13:30 Welcome and introduction

Our speakers will give an introduction for todays topics, followed by an open panel discussion.

16:00 Closure

Food & mingle


We hope to see you in Oslo in May. Welcome!



This EEMA Fireside briefing is hosted in Oslo by Buypass and Signicat