Complaints procedure

A complaint is a formal inquiry from a person or company that is not satisfied or pointing out errors in the contact with Buypass, Buypass products or services.

The request must be in writing using a contact form. or by e-mail to

A complaint must contain a complaint document and any other information relevant to the matter.

Within one week, the customer will receive confirmation that Buypass has received the complaint. The confirmation must also indicate the expected processing time of a maximum of 4 weeks.

Buypass will answer all formal complaints in writing. Decisions that do not give full support to complaints will be justified.

If the customer is not satisfied with the case or the outcome of the case, the complaint can be forwarded to the Finansklagenemda if it's applicable. Finansklagenemda deals with disputes between Buypass and the customer, providing Buypass has had the opportunity to process the complaint. In case of written complaint to the Finansklagenemda, it shall include details of the complaint and expected outcome.

Contact information to Finansklagenemda can be found at

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