ID and eSignature

to send electronic messages securely between the primary healthcare service and NAV.

Primary healthcare service

Electronic message exchange is an tool for interaction in the healthcare sector. Better interaction means better quality for patients and greater savings to society. Many types of communication in the primary healthcare service are now digitalized using Buypass solutions. The electronic solutions benefit both patients and employees in the primary healthcare service.

As a supplier of electronic ID and e-signature, Buypass has facilitated the important transition from paper to real electronic interaction in the primary healthcare service. Electronic signing and encryption of messages means that important information such as doctor's certificates, medical certificates, discharge summaries and referrals are now sent electronically. It enhances precision and saves time in every single series of communications. The introduction of e-prescription, in which Buypass has been a partner from the pilot stage to national implementation, has increased security, with significant savings and gains in efficiency for users at all levels.

Solutions for the primary healthcare service

Buypass supplies ID and e-signature solutions to the primary healthcare service (GPs, doctors’ surgeries, physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists etc.).  The solutions are primarily supplied in cooperation with EMR suppliers and/or EDI/communication suppliers and are used to secure exchanges of medical certificates, doctor's certificates, notifications of payment and ePrescriptions between the primary healthcare service, The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) and The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Examples of suppliers who have adapted their systems to the Buypass solution are CompuGroup Medical, Infodoc, MediLink Software,  Extensor, Programvareforlaget, Helse IT, Communicate, Opus Systemer, Aspit, WTW, Orthodontis and Nextsys.

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