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You talk - who listens? Secure Skype properly!

Conferences have traditionally been related to gatherings within physical spheres. With the advent of systems such as Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync), the traditional notion of conferences has been transcended and taken collaboration to new levels.



Modern way of communication

Tools such as video conferencing, chats, screen sharing and global pointers are sufficiently sophisticated to replace many expensive meetings. This cheap and simple-to-use technology, has changed how we work and established new user patterns.

Video conferencing allows problems to be resolved through communication instead of mail exchange and elaboration of documents. Chat-technology easens ad hoc requests and quick responses. Chat has also been reported to be a convenient and non-intrusive way in dev-ops processes. Teamwork can be easier facilitated even across geographical boundaries. Nearshoring and outsourcing projects can be organised and made more predictable and efficient through lean processes. All this without significant investments.

SAN-Certificate to secure corporate information

Since Skype for Business also works across organisational borders, security becomes an important issue. You may already know that SSL is a mandatory part of a Skype for Business installation. SSL is used for securing the communication between the servers, as well as from clients to servers during login. Normally SAN-certificates, often simply termed multi domain certificates, are preferred since a Skype for Business installation consists of several servers. By the way, SAN is an acronym for Subject Alternative Name.

Even though domain validated certificates can be used with Skype for Business installations, Buypass recommends to use SSL Business certificates, which are organisation validated. This way, organisational data will be included into the SSL certificate, and user may verify the authenticity of your corporate identity. Buypass SSL certificates satisfy all important requirements for the Skype for Business environment, such as (1) EKU (Enhanced Key Usage) contain Server Authentication, (2) CRL Distribution Point, (3) SHA256 as the hash algorithm, and (4) RSA with at least 2048 bits key.

Get your SSL Certificate from Buypass

Buypass has long experience and numerous certifications related to the issuance and delivery of electronic IDs. We are currently the only certified issuer of SSL certificates in Scandinavia. We follow industry best practices for our certificates, including algorithms, key length and safety related to the validation and issuance. We comply with European legislation and are certified CA in accordance to European standards (ETSI). Buypass is represented in CA/Browser forum.