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Secure your Brand with a Corporate ID on the Web

A corporate identity has a conservative purport. It covers logos, design, stationery, packaging etc. These factors retain a uniqueness on physical premises. On the Internet everything is easy to copy. Bandits can manipulate your brand for nefarious causes. How can you help your customer avoid fake sites? How do you secure your brand on the Web?


Corporate ID on the Web

Customer journeys become increasingly omnichannel. Users meet your brand in divergent touchpoints. Such experiences span physical and digital sales channels. You need to extend your brand to the Web and the mobile. Customers need to steer clear of phishing sites. How can you help your customers accomplish this? The answer is to establish a corporate identity on the Web. This include Internet security measures. Customers should discover your identity without being tech experts. Failing to do so, puts your online business at risk.

Internet security is important for online shoppers. Customers cancel 40% of initiated online purchases. This is the key learning from a report conducted in November 2017. Your conversion rate depends on customer trust. With EV SSL Certificates you get a business identity on the Web. Your customer may trust that they have come to the right place.

Your corporate identity relies on EV SSL Certificates

Everyone should recognise your corporate identity. On the Internet be aware, though. SSL Certificates come in different flavours. This is unclear for customers. The diversity in SSL products reflects different validation processes. A corporate identity requires Extended Validation. The issuer will validate your org. data.

To illustrate the weight of Extended Validation. One issuer has sold 800 certificates with “paypal”in the domain name. These domains have nothing to do with the renowned payment provider. Such certificates can trick users to enter malicious websites. To avoid this you need to prove your identity. An EV SSL Certificate adds a corporate ID to your website. This identity is strong, and easy to check. The Web becomes a safer place for your customers.

EV SSL Certificates help to secure your brand

An EV SSL certificate secures your brand on the Internet. It proves the authenticity of your website. A corporate ID makes customers confident with your brand. They can trust your website. Buypass recommends an EV SSL certificate as the only option. It is a cheap and standard measure to secure your brand. The browser displays your company name and country code. The green address bar is the proof of your corporate identity. Buypass EV SSL extends your corporate ID to the Internet. Your brand stays secured in all sales channels.

Extended validation is the core of EV SSL certificates. It is an accepted standard. The process validates that a business is a legal entity. Browsers honour these certificates. The company name and country code become part of the address field. This is the visual proof of your Corporate Identity on the web.

Another bonus comes in handy. Search engines add ranking points to websites secured with EV SSL certificates. Improved SEO strengthens your brand.

Buypass has long experience with issuance of electronic IDs. We are the only issuer of SSL-certificates in the Nordics. We follow industry best practices for validation and issuance. It includes algorithms, key length and technology. We comply with European legislation and European standards (ETSI). Buypass is a member of CA/Browser forum.