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Customer Promise and Trust in Online Shopping

Walking into an IKEA store you know what’s waiting you. Great displays with Nordic design and renowned quality. Transportation services and no-hassle returns lessen the burden. On the other hand, customers waste time by out-of-stock goods. No wonder many people turn to online shopping. Unlimited offerings from your sofa. Having placed an order - and paid for the goods, what happens? How do you know whom you deal with? How can you validate the business identity?


All webshops must deal with these concerns. This applies to all businesses. Entrepreneurs exploiting a market niche and established brands. The customer experience is crucial in the digital world. Physical products are intangibles. Customer care is impersonal. To gain customer trust you must extend you customer promise to the Web.

Customer experience transcends user-friendliness

How do you deliver on that promise in the virtual world? It must cover delivery, pricing and returning of purchased goods. What are the rules in case of damaged items? And of course, exceptions which are relevant for the customer to know. Your webshop should be intuitive to use. But don’t forget to help customer to avoid copies of your website. Everyone must acknowledge that your site is real without being an expert. A customer promise therefore needs to comprise a corporate identity on the Web.

Online shopping requires customer trust

Online shoppers wonder “Is it secure to pay?” and “What happens to my personal data?”. Let us go back to the IKEA case. Pretenders and impostors are omnipresent on the Internet. How can online customers trust that an IKEA webshop is authentic? Customers cancel 40% of initiated online purchases. This high number relates to security concerns. Your online conversion rate depends on customer trust. A corporate ID on the Web is an affordable insurance to gain trust.

EV Certificate is a part of your brand

Safe online shopping depends on your customers’ confidence. Customers must see your corporate identity to avoid fake sites. Buypass recommends an EV SSL certificate as the only option. It is a cheap and standard insurance to secure your brand. The browser displays your company name and country code in a green bar. This is the proof of your corporate identity. Buypass EV SSL extends your corporate ID to the Internet.

Extended validation is the core of EV SSL certificates. It is an accepted standard. The process validate that a business is a legal entity. Browsers honour these certificates. The company name and country code become part of the address field. This is the visual proof of your Corporate Identity on the Web.

Another bonus comes in handy. Search engines add ranking points to websites secured with EV SSL certificates. Improved SEO strengthens your brand.

Buypass has long experience with issuance of electronic IDs. We are the only issuer of SSL-certificates in the Nordics. We follow industry best practices for validation and issuance. It includes algorithms, key length and technology. We comply with European legislation and European standards (ETSI). Buypass is a member of CA/Browser forum.