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A company’s digital identity

Authentication, encryption and signing - for secure message exchange, reporting and digital signatures including PDF signing. Our certificates meet national and international standards.

Enterprise Certificate and Qualified Certificate for eSeal (QC eSeal)

Buypass offers three main Enterprise Certificate product: From traditional Enterprise Certificates only for use in Norway, to certificates for electronic seals approved in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, which are valid throughout Europe and are used for PSD2-related services, among other things.

Which certificate you need depends on several factors, such as; area of ​​use,  level of trust requirements, and how you want to generate and secure the keys in the certificate. These choices are made in the ordering process.

Buypass enterprice certificate eseal overview
Overview of the properties you can choose from for the different types of Enterprise Certificates Buypass offers electronic message exchange, reporting and digital signature, nationally and internationally

Which certificate do you need?

  • Enterprise Certificate for Norway

    Enterprise Certificate for Norway

    Enterprise Certificates have been used in Norway since 2006, and are based on the Norwegian certificate profile SEID 1.0.

    If your certificate will be used for established services in Norway such as public services or the health sector, we still recommend the Enterprise Certificate for Norway.

    Delivered as:
    - Standard certificate for authentication, encryption and signing of digital messages

    - Certificate for signing PDF (AATL)

  • Enterprise Certificate for Europe

    With eIDAS, Enterprise Certificates have also been established as a certificate product for Europe, opening up new opportunities for Norwegian companies.

    Recommended for new services in Norway, and services outside Norway. Delivered with SEID 2.0 certificate profiles from Sept. 1st 2021. Test certificates on SEID 2.0 can be ordered now.

    Delivered as:
    - Standard certificate for authentication, encryption and signing of digital messages

    - Certificate for signing PDF (AATL) with key stored in own HSM

  • Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal

    Qualified Certificate for Electronic Seal

    A Enterprise Certificate that satisfies the highest trust requirements in eIDAS.

    Ensures secure identification and a high level of trust in the EU / EEA digital single market. Used primarily for sealing (signing) of documents and messages that must satisfy eIDAS 'requirements for electronic seals.

    Delivered as:
    - Certificate for eSeal for authentication, encryption and signing of digital messages

    - Qualified certificate for eSeal for signing PDF (AATL), with key stored in own HSM

    PSD2 requires a qualified certificate for secure identification of payment service providers. Buypass also delivers qualified certificates for eSeal adapted to PSD2.

A trust anchor you can count on

Buypass' core business is to act as a trust anchor for digital identities. Being a trust anchor means that we are the guarantor that the digital identity is correct and valid. This applies to individuals and companies, systems and domains.

The role entails comprehensive requirements for the organization, systems and routines, with associated certifications of these in accordance with national and international requirements.

Buypass has worked with digital identity solutions for over 20 years and is the only established Norwegian trust anchor with trust in most operating systems and applications / browsers based on a comprehensive certification according to European requirements.

A strong team of cryptologists, developers and other professionals with heavy domain expertise ensures that we are able to deliver the trust that individuals, public and private companies, and authorities need and expect.

Buypass also pursues an aggresive innovation strategy which ensures that our customers get modern, future-oriented solutions first.

Buypass as Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP)


Qualified trust services in accordance with the eIDAS regulation are only provided by vendors who satisfy the requirements for a "Qualified Trust Service Provider" (QTSP) in accordance with the regulation.

Issuance of qualified certificates in accordance with eIDAS is a qualified trust service.

Buypass is certified as QTSP for the following certificates:

  • Qualified Electronic Signature Certificates (QC eSignature)
  • Qualified Certificates for Electronic Seals (QC eSeal)
  • Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWAC)

An overview of all our eIDAS certificates can be found here

Buypass Cloud Signature Services

Cloud signature consortium

Buypass is an associate member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), a global network of providers of technologies and solutions for cloud-based signing services that also satisfy eIDAS’ requirements for such services.

The consortium's mission is to establish standards and best practices for cloud-based digital signatures for web and mobile applications.

Buypass, together with partners, develops cloud-based signing services according to the CSC framework, which makes signing accessible to everyone in an easy way.

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