Important information for ordering Buypass Smartcard for delivery outside Norway

We are temporarily allowing sending Buypass ID on smartcard to addresses outside of Norway.

Polski? Ważne informacje dla osób, które zamawiają Inteligentną Kartę Buypass na zagraniczny adres

Before you place an order you must ensure that the following conditions are in place:

  1. That the country you would like the smartcard delivered to is currently allowing registered mail deliveries from Norway during the Corona pandemic.
  2. You have a valid identification document and that an approved body in the country you are currently staying in is able to make an approved copy of your identification in accordance with our guidelines regarding our identification checks.

NOTE! Buypass will not refund the purchase of smartcards unless the conditions above are met.

Buypass cannot guarantee delivery times outside of Norway.

We have received information from various postal services that they are not accepting incoming post from other countries because of the Corona pandemic. The closure of Embassies, Consulates and Notary services also means that it will not be possible to complete required / necessary identification checks. Due to this we request that the conditions listed earlier are followed before placing an order.

We encourage those that are leaving Norway and require an electronic ID to order Buypass ID on smartcard to be sent to your Norwegian address, and collect the ID in person at Posten (Norwegian Postal Service) BEFORE your departure.