Order Buypass ID in mobile using passport

You can use electronic reading of passport and national ID cards to order and use Buypass ID in mobile. We use NETS Passport Reader as an alternative to physical identity control and proofing.

NB! Initially, the solution is only available to users who will log on to NAV using “ID-Porten”.

This is a description of the ordering and activation process you must go through before you can log on to NAV.

  1. pass-bankkort

    Before you start, make sure you have:

    • Passport or national ID card
    • Debit card - VISA or Mastercard - remember it must be issued in your name
    • Download the Nets Passport Reader app from the Apple Store or Google Play – no activation needed

1. Registration to create your Buypass ID in mobile

  • Go to the NAV website and select LOGIN
  • Choose: «Foreign Users – login and registration for new users with passport»
  • Click the link "Register new Buypass ID user"

Registration takes you through the following steps:

  • Scanning/reading of passport med Nets Passport Reader
  • Verifying information in the Norwegian National Registry (DSF)
  • Payment of Buypass ID on mobile

2. Activation of Buypass ID in mobile

  1. Download the Buypass ID app from Apple Store or Google Play on your mobile and activate the app
  2. Go to the NAV website and select LOGIN
  3. Then choose «Foreign Users – login and registration for new users with passport» and Buypass ID in mobile
  4. Enter your Norwegian national identity number or D-number and follow the instructions given
  5. You will need to do 2 authentications. The first to enable Buypass ID in mobile and the second to log in to the service 


The electronic ID you obtained from Buypass contains qualified certificates that also can be used for authentication at the highest security level (eIDAS level high).


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