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Quick and safe!

Receive payments wherever your customers are.

Buypass Payment Solution

Receive payments wherever your customers are!

Buypass Payment Solution enables your customers to shop wherever they like: from a physical shop, or using a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Buypass has over 2.2 million users and handles NOK 500 million of payments a month. Today, our mobile phone solution has more than 400.000 unique users and an annual turnover of approximately NOK 1.4 billion.

  • An easy and convenient payment solution for mobile phones, tablets and PC
  • Card payment (VISA/MasterCard), subscription and invoice 
  • Guaranteed settlement 
  • Customer-adapted settlement routines and reconciliation 
  • Summary of payment transactions and settlement via web based administration system 
  • PCI-DSS approved by Visa and MasterCard for storage and use of card information 
  • Buypass ID can also be used for identification/log on to services 

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