Identify your customer with Buypass ID

Secure identification , electronic signature and encryption on the Internet and mobile net

ID services and e-signature

Make it easy for your visitors to login independent of whether they are using PC, tablet or mobile. Buypass offers easy and user-friendly solutions with the higest level of security for you and your users.

  • Over 2.2 million Norwegians currently has a Buypass ID
  • Secure user identification for easy access to self-service
  • Safe exchange and access to sensitive information
  • Legally binding e-signatures and encryption with Buypass ID ensures paperless processes
  • Digitization, simplification and streamlining of administrative procedures and processes
  • Drop the self-administration username and password
  • Large volume of end users with Buypass ID on smart cards or mobile
  • Buypass ID is also used for payment

Most state agencies, many municipalties, the Norwegian lottery (Norsk Tipping) and many private companies offers use of Buypass ID for electronic access to their services.

For more information about what we can offer your business, please contact us.

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