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Enterprise Certificates

Buypass Enterprise Certificates secures electronic communications to and from your business. These types of certificates are key security factors in electronic exchanges of patient information, submission of 'A-melding' to and signing of digital post from public organizations to citizens.

  • 'A-ordningen' 
    The 'A-ordningen' comes into effect on 1 January. Employers are to submit an 'A-melding' to Order company certificates from Buypass for signing electronic signing.
  • Signing digital post to residents. 
    Public organizations use company certificates to sign on behalf of the company before sending digital post to citizens.


  • Used for identification, encryption and signing
  • Identifies the company with information from The Coordinated Register at The Brønnøysund Register Centre
  • Issued in accordance with  Requirement specification for PKI in the public sector
  • Issued as a soft certificate and on a Smartcard.

Electronic reporting and message exchange - company certificate as soft certificate

Company certificates supplied as soft certificates are often used in third party solutions such as patient medical record systems and other systems used by public services for reporting and message exchange (including 'a-messages'). They are used, for example, in the healthcare sector, where messages are signed and encrypted using Buypass Company Certificates.

Signing a PDF document - company certificate on a Smartcard 

The best solution where certificates are used to sign PDF documents. Buypass root certificates are standard in all Adobe applications including Adobe Acrobat Reader. It automatically verifies the signature to all recipients of PDF documents signed with a Buypass Company Certificate on a Smartcard.

Administration of certificates:

The company can gain administrative access to its own certificates using the application Buypass ID Manager.

(So far enterprise certificates can only be sold to Norwegian companies)

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