eID for your employees

One card provides efficient access both enterprise and public service that requires electronic ID

Buypass Smart Cards for employees

Buypass Smartcards provide the highest level of electronic security and physical access control in one card.

The solution supports use of the customer's own certificates to access networks and other local services, Buypass qualified certificates used for message exchange and access to a number of public services – in a single card.

  • Secure log on to local networks and VPN solutions
  • Supports terminal server solutions and single sign-on
  • Sign messages in professional systems  such as patient medical records, case management, archive and personnel systems.
  • Employees can use their Smartcards to  log on and sign in for public services
  • Meets all requirements relating to qualified certificates and requirements specified in information security standards in the health sector
  • Issue and administration are simple using Buypass Access Manager, our local administration tool in the company

Buypass supplies employee cards to a number of public and private organizations. We cooperate with leading suppliers of IT infrastructure and physical access control.

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