2-factor authentication on mobile phones

Simple, secure and cost effective! 

Buypass Code

Forget about code generator fobs and expensive SMS based authentication solutions. Buypass Code is a mobile phone application for 2-factor authentication - supplied as a service

Let your employees use their mobile phones to gain secure access to your company‘s systems via VPN and web.

  • Users download the Buypass Code app to their mobile phone and set up a 4-digit PIN code
  • Day-to-day use: Authenticate using a user name and one-time code generated by the Buypass Code app
  • Invoicing is based on active users not on the number of licences or authentications
  • Buypass manages server administration and operation, relieving your company of software and hardware implementation and updating
  • Uses the company's own user databases (i.e. Active Directory), administered via a web interface
  • Supports all types of mobile phones
  • Buypass Code Manager - administration via a web based administration system

What does it cost to use the solution?

  • Free app for downloading
  • Monthly fixed price per user - not based on the number of authentications
  • Free use of Buypass Code Manager


Technical specifications

iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android.

All VPN solutions which support RADIUS; Citrix, Check Point, Cisco, MS Forefront etc.

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