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Expired smart card

If your smart card has expired, you must order a new card. Follow the instructions for the type of card you have:

  • I bought my card directly from Buypass

    A Buypass smart card has a lifetime of 3 years. The card can be renewed in the two months before the expiration date on My Page. If it is not renewed before the expiration date, the card will be blocked. To get a new card, please contact Buypass Customer support.

  • I ordered my smart card through the journal provider

    Contact the journal provider.

  • I have a Norsk Tipping player card

    A Norsk Tipping player card has a lifetime of 8 years. If the card has expired, you must get a new one from Norsk Tipping.

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    Form or e-mail

    Fill in the form or send e-mail to

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    Call us

    You can call us at  
    +47 22 70 13 00

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