• Altinn

    Altinn is a portal for electronic reporting to the public. Buypass Smart cards can be used for authentication and signing. Here are some of the public service providers who use this portal:

    • NAV
    • Lånekassen
    • Skatteetaten
    • Statistisk sentralbyrå
    • Brønnøysundregistrene
    • Konkurransetilsynet
    • Kredittilsynet
    • Fiskeri- og Kystdepartementet
    • Norges Bank
    • Økokrim
    • Produktregisteret
    • Statens Innkrevingssentral
    • Statens Landbruksforvaltning
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  • ID-porten

    ID-porten: Login to public online services

    Difi provide a common solution for logging in to public network services, ID-porten. With electronic ID at the highest security Difi facilitator for the development of more and more advanced network services in the public sector. You can use Buypass ID (smart card) for login against ID portal.

    Businesses that use ID-porten (
  • finans_norge

    Finans Norge

    Finans Norge (NFO) is a central organization which in practice represents all the financial industry in Norway. Finans Norge maintains both business policy and employer-related cooperation in the financial industry. Buypass Smart cards are used for secure authentication and transmission related insurance matters where both Norway Finance and insurance included as parties to the proceedings.

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  • Western_union

    Western Union

    Western Union use eID solution to verify customers identity and for KYC (Know Your Customer) checks for online customers.

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  • logo_one_voice

    One Voice AS

    One Voice is a leading provider of management systems for security and preparedness. This includes tools for risk management, contingency planning, quality assurance, training, crisis management and evaluation. Buypass Smart cards is used for secure login to our solutions.

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  • Furst

    Fürst Medisinsk Laboratorium

    Fürst Medical Laboratory provides laboratory services to primary health care, hospitals and nursing homes, radiology departments and various smaller hospitals. As of today requisitioned approximately 70% of the surveys electronically, while the answering is almost 100% electronic dissemination. Fürst uses certificates from Buypass for authentication in relation to patient informastion from the regular doctors.

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  • nt

    Norsk Tipping

    Norsk Tipping (The Norwegian Lottery) offers all their games on the Internet and Mobile phones.  They use Buypass identification and payment solution.

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  • helsedirektoratet

    Helsedirektoratet – Kjernejournal

    Kjernejournal is a safe and secure online solution that contains a limited set of key health information. Health Directorate has been commissioned to realize the core journal. Buypass smart card is used for secure login in both core journal for health professionals and citizens.

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  • minjournal_logo


    MinJournal is a collaboration between several major hospitals with Oslo University as the project manager. All hospitals that wish to offer their patients services in MinJournal have a common point of contact with the health care system. Buypass Smart cards are used for secure login.

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  • tryg_logo_125x52

    Tryg Forsikring

    Tryg Forsikring is the third largest insurance company in Norway with a market share of around 18 percent. Their mission is to provide security to individuals and businesses. Tryg Forsikring uses Buypass Smart cards for secure identification.

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  • mercell

    Mercell AS

    Mercell AS is the leading service provider in the dissemination of information between buyers and suppliers. The company offers solutions for electronic monitoring and communication of tenders and requests. Mercell has launched a new self-service portal where Buypass Smart cards can be used for electronic signature for delivery of tenders or requests to participate.

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  • KLP Forsikring

    KLP Insurance offers a self-service portal for pension clients. Buypass Smart cards can be used for secure login.

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  • maestro

    Maestro Soft AS

    The software house Maestro develops financial software for financial statements, the consolidated accounts and audit, in addition to Signant - Advanced Electronic Signature.

    Signant is offered through different solutions depending on signing needs, and is the market leader with signature on PDF.

    Visit MaestroRead more about secure document workflows and identification
  • leasy


    L'Easy is a company that sells and rents consumables - mainly white goods, TV / DVD / Surround, digital cameras, PCs and mobile phones. L'Easy Group includes D: E: A Thorn in Denmark and in Norway and Sweden. Buypass Smart cards can be used in conjunction with the identification and signing in L'Easys financing solution.

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  • rettsraad


    Identification in electronic solution for handling legal matters.

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  • visma


    Visma is one of the leading suppliers of software and services related to finance and administration. Competition Implementation Tools (KGV) from Visma streamlines and ensures quality public tenders and competitions. Buypass Smart cards can be used for electronic signature for delivery of tenders or requests to participate.

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  • Gassco_logo


    Identifying and signing connection with the booking of capacity in the pipeline network in the North Sea.

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  • - logo is one of the leading players in Internet shopping. sells computer components, computers, home electronics and related equipment. use Buypass solution for identification, signature and payment.

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  • posten_logo

    Posten Norge

    Posten Norge (Norway Post) offers a safe web solution for redirection of mail. Users of the service can use electronic ID from Buypass for secure electronic identification when ordering redirection and alteration of personal information.

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  • admincontrol

    Admincontrol AS

    Admin Control AS is a Norwegian company that develops and delivers Control and Management Portals and Online Data room to Norwegian and international organizations. Buypass Smart cards is used for secure login.

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